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National Conventions

BCA holds a national convention every second year; and holds State Forums in the year between National Conventions.

National Convention 2017

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Individual Sessions:

National Convention 2015

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National Convention 2013

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State Forums

BCA holds State Forums in the year between National Conventions.

State Forums 2016

Victorian State Convention:

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State Forums 2014

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Listen to or Download SoundAbout

SoundAbout is a quarterly audio magazine produced by Blind Citizens Australia. It is interview style, with content organised, researched, and interviewing by BCA members. Below is a list of SoundAbout program files for listening or download. The audio file is around 80 minutes in length, in MP3 format. If you choose to listen direct from this page there could be a slight delay while the file loads.

SoundAbout and other BCA audio files are also available as a podcast! Using iTunes or your pod catcher of choice, you can use the search term Blind Citizens Australia to find and subscribe.

Listen to or Download New Horizons

New Horizons is Blind Citizens Australia’s weekly radio show. It is an interview style, with topics relevant to people who are blind or vision impaired. Below is a list of New Horizons program files for listening or download. It runs for about 15 minutes, in MP3 format. If listening direct from this page there could be a slight delay while the file loads.

New Horizons and other BCA audio files are also available as a podcast! Using iTunes or your pod catcher of choice, use the search term Blind Citizens Australia to find and subscribe.

    • Program 538: 22 January 2018We hear from DR Frederick Schroeder who is the president of the World Blind Union. We were pleased to host him at last year’s Blind Citizens Australia convention. In part 1 of a two-part series, we hear the first part of his keynote speech, given on the Saturday morning of the convention. Hear from Fred, his views on blindness and how society’s expectations impact people who are blind or vision impaired.
    • Program 537: 15 January 2018We hear part two of the series taken from the recent Blind Citizens Australia Convention, on the impacts of blindness and vision impairment on emotional well-being. We conclude the discussion of research, and hear a personal story from Vanessa Ransley, a music teacher from Tasmania.
    • Program 536: 8 January 2018We hear the first of two programs on how blindness and vision impairment impacts on emotional well-being. This week we hear about two studies on blindness and emotional well-being, from presenters at the recent Blind Citizens Australia National Convention.
    • Program 535: 1 January 2018As we draw near the end of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we focus on one option for taking a break from it all. We hear from Steve Richardson and Vanessa Ransley, who recently joined Vaughn Bennison and his family on a Christmas Cruise. We discuss accessibility to cruise ships, what is on offer, and some tips for people considering investing in this option for their holidays.
    • Program 534: 25 December 2017We hear about technology, in the first of our programs dealing with sessions from the 2017 Blind Citizens Australia convention. Jonathan Mosen discusses emerging technologies, and how we must remain vigilant to ensure that we are not forgotten when technology companies roll out new products, or updates to existing products.
    • Program 533: 18 December 2017We hear from Lisa Hayes, the newest recruit to the committee of the National Womens Branch of Blind Citizens Australia. She gives us an overview of her story, and of her hopes for the future of the branch. Finally, a call to all blind and vision impaired people to think of others who might be going through a hard time over this holiday period.
    • Program 532: 11 December 2017some exciting news for Blind Citizens Australia in this week’s program. we hear about it from John Simpson, BCA president. John also tells us of discussions held by the BCA board over the weekend, and some of the outcomes.
    • Program 531: 4 December 2017Find out, from BCA president John Simpson and BCNSW president Graeme Innes, about the recent passing of the resolutions to complete the merger of the two organisations. Hear about the benefits to Australians who are blind or vision impaired. Also, as we celebrated International day of people with a disability on Sunday, Emma Bennison, the CEO of BCA, was celebrating on her own, courtesy of Virgin Australia. Find out why.
    • Program 530: 27 November 2017We speak with Stefan Carey from Big Access Media. Stefan describes to us how the company got started, and their vision for Audio Description on Australian television.
    • Program 529: 20 November 2017We speak with Graeme Innes, president of Blind Citizens NSW, about the coming General Meeting, which will decide the future of the merger between that organisation and Blind Citizens Australia. Also, find out how you can have your say about the future of Audio Description services on Australian television.
    • Program 528: 13 November 2017We have some good news, for a change, about accessible banking. We hear from Steve Price about moves the ANZ bank has been making towards equal access for people who are blind or vision impaired. For more information, go to
    • Program 527: 6 November 2017We return to the ever changing landscape of the My Aged Care scheme. Lauren Henley, policy co-ordinator with Blind Citizens Australia, sheds some light on some of the confusing aspects of MAC, and gives people over the age of 65 some tips and tricks for navigating the system.
    • Program 526: 30 October 2017We get an update from Lauren Henley about audio description on Australian television. Following this, a brief demonstration of the Big Access Media app, which is being touted as one of the potential options for AD.
    • Program 525: 23 October 2017We’re joined by long-time Blind Citizens Australia member, and SoundAbout personality, Steve Richardson. We give a rundown of the happenings at the recent BCA convention in Melbourne.
    • Program 524: 16 October 2017We hear about an interesting project to allow people who are blind or vision impaired to play Australian rules football. We hear from Tim Neild, AFL Victoria’s Disability Football Manager, about his position, and how people with disabilities are included in their offerings.
    • Program 523: 9 October 2017We again focus on Audio Description. Ahead of the Audio Described movie session following the upcoming Blind Citizens Australia convention, we take a brief look at the Movie Reading app, where smartphone users can download the Audio Description track. But, firstly we hear from Lauren Henley about the latest developments in Audio Description on Australian television.
    • Program 522: 2 October 2017Have you registered for this year’s Blind Citizens Australia convention in Melbourne? There is still time, if you get in quickly, according to this week’s guest, John Simpson. Jon joins us to discuss the program for this year’s convention, and in particular we discuss the availability of internet streaming, and the daily convention reports which will be broadcast on RPH stations across Australia. Contact your local RPH affiliated station to find out when these broadcasts will be heard. John tells us of some special guests at this year’s convention, and about BCA’s efforts to foster the involvement of younger members.
    • Program 521: 25 September 2017Find out about happenings within the Brisbane branch of Blind Citizens Australia. We speak with Paul Price about a forum held at the end of August, and what has been happening since.
    • Program 520: 18 September 2017We look at the NDIS, and its impact on the lives of blind and vision impaired people. We hear from Rikki Chaplin, advocacy officer with BCA, and Krystal Malcolm, Executive officer of Blind Citizens NSW about some of the questions which come up repeatedly from people who contact their organisations. Also, just how far have we come, with regard to the NDIS?

No program on 11 September 2017

  • Program 519: 4 September 2017Find out how you can submit recommendations for voting at the coming Blind Citizens Australia convention. Also, if you require financial assistance to attend the convention this year, it may be available. We hear from BCA Executive Officer, Emma Bennison, who tells us about these things and many more.
  • Program 518: 28 August 2017We hear from Troy Gladwell, one of the six participants chosen from Australia to go to America as a camp counsellor. Hear about Troy, and what these camps do for the attendees. Also some timely reminders about upcoming BCA events.
  • Program 517: 21 August 2017Have you done your bit to ensure Audio Description on Australian television? Find out how it’s all going in this week’s episode. We are joined by Lauren Henley, who provides us with details about the Broadcast Amendment bill, and also details of an upcoming BCA teleconference about NSW transport.
  • Program 516: 14 August 2017We hear from Bill Jolley, about a man who’s life and work made a huge and positive difference to the lives of so many Australians who are blind or vision impaired. Brother Gerard Devlin passed away recently, and Bill tells us about him, and his work on behalf of blind and vision impaired people. Also a notice of an upcoming forum.
  • Program 515: 7 August 2017We discuss Audio Description. We hear from BCA Advocacy officer, Rikki Chaplin, about some upcoming teleconferences related to audio-description in cinemas. Then, we discuss a campaign to encourage Audio Description on Australian television.
  • Program 514: 31 July 2017We follow up on the Albert touch-screen terminal released some time ago by the Commonwealth bank. This terminal still remains inaccessible to people who are blind or vision impaired, despite significant work undertaken by BCA, and other organisations. Hear from Martin Stewart, how this has affected him, and others in the blind and vision impaired community.
  • Program 513: 24 July 2017We hear from Blind Citizens Australia Executive Officer, Emma Bennison, about a recently held forum of the Australian Bankers Association. As well, we hear from Sam Taylor of Pacific Vision, about recent developments in their products.
  • Program 512: 17 July 2017We hear from Dan Stubbs, Blind Citizens Australia board member and presenter at last weekend’s Leadership Development forum. He tells us about himself, his ideals for the future of BCA, and what happened at the forum.
  • Program 511: 10 July 2017We hear from Blind Citizens Australia Executive Officer, Emma Bennison, about some important teleconferences which are happening later in July. Also, we hear from Doug McGinn, about a teleconference for blind and vision impaired people living in Tasmania. If you’re living in Tasmania, and are interested in attending, it is important that you register your interest as soon as possible.
  • Program 510: 3 July 2017We hear from Blind Citizens Australia President, John Simpson. John gives us some detail about the upcoming convention, and informs us about some important constitutional changes which BCA intends making at its next AGM. Also, some interesting news for Tasmanians who are blind or vision impaired.
  • Program 509: 26 June 2017Ahead of some important announcements, we hear from Ross Joyce, the CEO of AFDO, the Australian Federation of disability organisations. Ross explains the inappropriate comments made recently by one of our federal politicians, and we discuss how you too may make your displeasure at these discriminatory and offensive comments known. Also, a follow-up on Audio Description and an interesting invitation from our president.
  • Program 508: 19 June 2017Following some upcoming womens’ branch news, we hear from Dick Lunenborg, who works with people with multiple disabilities in the Netherlands. Dick can be contacted by e-mailing
  • Program 507: 12 June 2017We hear from recently appointed Blind Citizens Australia Policy Officer, Katrina Taylor. Hear about BCA’s policies and about Katrina herself. Also, we hear from Sally Balwin of the Queensland Braille Writing Association, about a well-known and interesting literary opportunity for people who are blind or vision impaired.
  • Program 506: 5 June 2017We hear from Phia Damsma of Sonokids Australia, who updates us on what they have been up to since last we spoke in May 2016. Hear about new ways to learn Voiceover on the iPhone and iPad, and hear about upcoming exciting apps Sonokids is developing.
  • Program 505: 29 May 2017We hear about the Australian Blindness Forum. Jennifer Grimwade, CEO of the ABF joins us to tell us what they do, with whom they work and some of the major issues on which the ABF has been focusing.
  • Program 504: 22 May 2017We continue the discussion with Neil Jarvis, president of the Round Table on Information Access for people with a print disability. Also, discussion of upcoming programs and ideas.
  • Program 503: 15 May 2017Neil Jarvis, president of the Round Table on Information Access for people with a print disability, informs us of what his organisation does, and who it serves.
  • Program 502: 8 May 2017We hear from BCA volunteer, Liz Sullivan, as we celebrate National Volunteer Week. Hear her background, and what she gets out of volunteering with BCA.
  • Program 501: 1 May 2017We hear from newly co-opted Blind Citizens Australia board member, Prue Watt. Hear how she grew up, and her aspirations in life and for BCA.
  • Program 500: 24 April 2017To mark this, the 500th episode, we are joined by BCA president, John Simpson. We discuss the history of the program, and how it has changed through the years. John also tells us about what New Horizons means to BCA, and to the blind and vision impaired community in general.
  • Program 499: 17 April 2017We hear from Blind Citizens Australia Executive Officer, Emma Bennison about the upcoming convention in Melbourne. Hear where it will be held, and about some of the facilities the venue offers. Also, a couple of important notices.
  • Program 498: 10 April 2017We speak with Krystel Malcolm, executive officer of Blind Citizens NSW. She updates us on recent happenings, and tells us of a very interesting and exciting opportunity for blind people living in NSW and the ACT.
  • Program 497: 3 April 2017A couple of weeks ago we heard from Jon Coleman, who told us of the podcast memoir he had created with David Blyth. In this week’s program, we hear a short excerpt from the first episode. The podcast, “Blindness – no barrier”, is available on the BCA website. It is a fascinating window into David’s life, and well worth a listen, especially if you’re interested in the changes in services for people who are blind or vision impaired over the past 60 years or so.
  • Program 496: 27 March 2017We hear from returning Blind Citizens Australia Board Member, Fiona Woods. Fiona rejoined the board after an absence of some years, and fills one of three vacancies. She tells us about herself, her role with BCA, and her hopes for the future of the organisation.
  • Program 495: 20 March 2017 We hear about an amazing man, who is definitely no stranger to Blind Citizens Australia, or the blindness community. We speak with John Coleman, who has been building a series of podcasts on the life of David Blyth, a founding member of BCA, and its inaugural president. This nine episode series is available to listen to on this page, below.
  • Program 494: 13 March 2017We hear from incoming Director of Blind Citizens Australia, James Manders. James tells us of his background and his hopes for the future of employment for people who are blind or vision impaired.
  • Program 493: 6 March 2017We continue our discussion with Bill Jolley about his recent international travel. He tells us about some interesting events regarding Braille.
  • Program 492: 27 February 2017We hear the first part of a discussion with Bill Jolley. Bill tells us about a recent visit to a school for the blind in Tokyo, and also about his involvement with the World Blind Union.
  • Program 491: 20 February 2017We hear more about the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between Blind Citizens Australia and Blind Citizens NSW. The goal of this MOU is to open discussions relating to a merger between the two organisations. John Simpson of BCA, and Graeme Innes of BCNSW take us through the process, and explain the historical context and the advantages of the proposed merger.
  • Program 490: 13 February 2017We hear from Helen Freris about the latest developments from Blind Citizens Australia’s National Women’s Branch. Hear about upcoming teleconferences, and some exciting news in the fight against violence against women.
  • Program 489: 6 February 2017We hear from Lauren Henley about a submission Blind Citizens Australia is making, providing feedback about the National Disability Strategy. She explains where the strategy fits into the broad landscape of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and how you can have your thoughts and ideas known. BCA needs to have your comments by 5th March, in order to be included in its submission.
  • Program 488: 30 January 2017We hear from Emma Bennison, who will soon commence duties as Executive Officer with Blind Citizens Australia. She tells us of her priorities for the organisation, and about the years of leadership and experience she brings to the role.
  • Program 487: 23 January 2017John Simpson joins us to pass on some long awaited news about Blind Citizens Australia, and particularly its future. Find out who will be the next Executive officer, and some changes on the board.
  • Program 486: 16 January 2017We feature the final in our series on the recently held Human Rights Oration, held last December in Melbourne. We continue the panel discussion.
  • Program 485: 9 January 2017We hear the first part of the panel discussion which followed Graeme Innes’ speech at the Human Rights Oration, held in Melbourne in December. The topic is employment for people with a disability.
  • Program 484: 2 January 2017We hear from Graeme Innes, former Disability Discrimination Commissioner. This is an edited version of the speech he gave at the recently held Victorian Human Rights Oration in Melbourne. Talking about the right to work for people with a disability, Graeme discusses his own employment history, as well as the background to current legislation regarding employment for people with disabilities, and how each employer in Australia can help. This web version is longer than the radio version.
  • Program 483: 26 December 2016Ahead of some important news from Blind Citizens Australia, we hear the first in a series on the Human Rights Oration, held on December 7 in Melbourne. We hear some introductory remarks from Kristen Hilton, Victoria’s Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner.
  • Program 482: 19 December 2016We hear about a new support mechanism for younger members of the LGTBI community, who are also blind or vision impaired. Stormy Meiying Liu tells us of her experiences, and what motivated her to establish Team Rainbow.
  • Program 481: 12 December 2016We hear from BCA president, Emma Bennison, about what could well be the issue of the year, the lack of audio description on Australian television. Emma tells us of the current situation, and what we hope for the future.
  • Program 480: 5 December 2016We meet the two Australian winners of this year’s Onkyo Braille Essay competition. They discuss their motivation for entering, and why they chose the topics which won them their prizes.
  • Program 479: 28 November 2016We hear from Lauren Henley, who has recently rejoined the staff of Blind Citizens Australia. She updates us on some important issues for people who are blind or vision impaired, and outlines her new role.
  • Program 478: 21 November 2016We hear from long-time BCA board member, Barry Chapman. Barry has just resigned his position on the board of Blind Citizens Australia. Find out why, and what Barry is up to.
  • Program 477: 14 November 2016We hear again from Ivan Molloy, who up until March this year, headed up the Overseas Services branch with BCA. We hear just a few of the achievements of the branch, and its impact on blind and vision impaired people in third world countries.
  • Program 476: 7 November 2016We hear from long-time BCA member, Jan Miller, who tells us all about the recently held Hobart Forum. Hear what’s happening for blind and vision impaired people around Tasmania, the impact of the NDIS, and the recent changes to Guidedogs Tasmania. Following Jan, we are reminded about an interesting initiative from the new Disability Discrimination Commissioner.
  • Program 475: 31 October 2016We feature the second part of a presentation given by Jason Bake, who among other things, runs a 400 cow dairy in the Coffs Harbour Hinterland. In this Question/Answer session, hear how he navigates the farm, trains guides for trekking, and many other interesting tips.
  • Program 474: 24 October 2016We visit the recent NSW/ACT State Convention, held in Coffs Harbour. We hear part one of a two part presentation by Jason Bake, who aside from managing his family owned dairy business, walks trails all over Australia, and overseas. He tells us how he works with his sighted guides and some of the places he has walked.
  • Program 473: 17 October 2016We hear about some accessibility features integrated into an exhibition held at the National Museum of Australia. As well, we hear from Paul Price, who recently attended Blind Citizens Australia’s Queensland state forum.
  • Program 472: 10 October 2016following on from last week’s program, we continue the discussion with Padraig Naughton, a visitor to Australia from Dublin, Ireland. Hear about the changes to education over the years, Guide-Dog discrimination and more. Also, a reminder about the upcoming BCA state forums in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.
  • Program 471: 3 October 2016We revisit the international scene. In this first of a two part series, Padraig Naughton, director of Arts and Disability Ireland, describes the landscape for people who are blind or vision impaired in his home country. If you’d like to find out more about Arts and Disability Ireland, check out
  • Program 470: 26 September 2016John Simpson, vice-president of Blind Citizens Australia, discusses details for the upcoming AGM, to be held in Sydney in November. He also tells us about the new National Policy Council. Nominations are being sought from BCA members, so it’s time for us to step up and get involved.
  • Program 469: 19 September 2016We discover the accessibility options to be found in some Samsung televisions. Also is an interesting publicity idea from the US.
  • Program 468: 12 September 2016We hear about the recently held World Blind Union General Assembly. Emma Bennison, BCA president, tells us of some of the exciting things she saw and heard during her recent trip to the US as one of the Australian delegates.
  • Program 467: 5 September 2016We speak with John Simpson, Vice President of BCA, about the upcoming state forums. We firm up the dates, some of which have changed, and also hear about the time and location of the BCA AGM. If you would like to attend a convention or forum in your state, get in touch with the BCA office, and they’ll assist you.
  • Program 466: 29 August 2016The second part of Bruce Maguire’s talk on touch-screens, with a particular focus on the accessibility of Albert, the new EFTPOS terminal from the Commonwealth Bank.
  • Program 465: 22 August 2016We commence a two part series featuring Bruce Maguire, on the development of touch-screens. In particular, the difficulties many blind and vision impaired people are experiencing with the new craze meeting the retail industry – Albert.
  • Program 464: 15 August 2016We say a sad farewell to Blind Citizens Australia CEO, Leah van Poppel, who has been with us now for just over a year. Also, an update on convention dates, and some information from the National Women’s Branch of BCA.
  • Program 463: 8 August 2016Rikki Chaplin, advocacy officer with BCA joins us to tell us how we can get our questions asked about the Census, the latest goss on Audio Description, and just who is Albert?
  • Program 462: 1 August 2016The second part of a two part talk by Blind Citizens Australia CEO, Leah van Poppel, presented at the Round Table on Information Access for people with a print disability. Leah tells us exactly what we can do to bridge the digital gap for people who are blind or vision impaired. We also hear from Humanware about their latest products to assist blind and vision impaired people in their daily lives.
  • Program 461: 25 July 2016Blind Citizens Australia CEO, Leah van Poppel, tells us about factors affecting equal access to digital information for blind and vision impaired people. In this first part of a two part talk Leah gave at the Round Table on Information Access for people with a print disability, she outlines the impact of unequal access, and just who is disadvantaged the most.
  • Program 460: 18 July 2016Find out when the state conventions will be happening in your state. There is also news specifically for those in the ACT, and we hear from Pacific Vision about some of the products they sell and support.
  • Program 459: 11 July 2016We hear from Graeme Innes AM, about his newly published autobiography, Finding A Way. Find out what Graeme is up to, and his motivation for writing the book. In the last few minutes of the program, we hear from Nigel Herring, who earlier this year received the lifetime achievement award from the Round Table on Information access for people with a print disability.
  • Program 458: 4 July 2016We catch up with founding BCA member, Bill Jolley, who recently attended a meeting of the International Council on English Braille, in the USA. He tells us what happened, and gives us his thoughts on the recent developments in braille technology. At the end of the program, some very welcome news for people with a print disability in Australia and overseas.
  • Program 457: 27 June 2016We hear from three people and their experiences relating to Blind Citizens Australia’s key election priorities. John Simpson, vice-president of BCA tells us how the disparity between the funding available through the National Disability Insurance and My Aged Care schemes affects him, BCA president Emma Bennison talks about the appalling lack of audio description on Australian television, and former Disability Discrimination commissioner, Graeme Innes talks about the lack of funding for peak bodies to carry out advocacy on behalf of people with disability.
  • Program 456: 20 June 2016We hear from Michael Andersen from the Reserve Bank of Australia, about recent exciting developments in the accessibility of Australian currency. BCA has a long history of advocating for banknote accessibility, and Michael tells us about the RBA’s successful community consultation project, and the useful contribution of the Blind and Vision Impaired community.
  • Program 455: 13 June 2016Discover BCA’s election priorities, and how you can help get the message across. If you have a story to tell, find out from Rikki Chaplin, how you can inform your local member, and help your community as well.
  • Program 454: 6 June 2016We revisit childhood, with the BallyLand Magic app. This IOS app is designed to teach the very young, and perhaps the not so young, how to use Apple’s built-in Screen Reader, VoiceOver. Find out what BallyLand is, and how you can visit, for lots of fun-packed adventures.
  • Program 453: 30 May 2016We hear how four years of work and research have come to fruition. We hear from Neil Jarvis, president of the Round Table on Information Access for People with a Print Disability, about the Orbit Braille Reader – a low-cost braille display which is set to be a game-changer for blind people all over the world. At the end of the program, some interesting information particularly of concern to Tasmanians who are blind or vision impaired.
  • Program 452: 23 May 2016We join the Round Table on Information Access for people with print disabilities in celebrating the achievements of a man who has become an institution in the Adaptive Technology sector. Neil Jarvis, president of the Round Table, tells us all about this year’s recipient of the Tammy Axelson Lifetime Achievement award, which since 2009 has been presented to people who have had a significant impact on the Print Disability sector.
  • Program 451: 16 May 2016We speak with Emma Bennison, president of Blind Citizens Australia, about the forums recently held in South Australia and New South Wales. Also, is an update on BCA’s thoughts on the upcoming federal election.
  • Program 450: 9 May 2016Budget has been the word of the week and New Horizons is no exception. Find out how the federal budget will impact on the lives of Australians who are blind or vision impaired, as well as some unwelcome news affecting our Radio Reading network. We hear first from Blind Citizens Australia CEO, Leah van Poppel, then we talk to Nicci Lindemann, manager of 2RPH in Sydney to find out how the proposed cuts to Community Radio will impact on RPH stations across the country. You can sign the petition established by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia at
  • Program 449: 2 May 2016We hear from Leah van Poppel, CEO of Blind Citizens Australia, about What BCA believes are the big issues facing us at the 2016 federal election, the NDIS, My Aged Care and other issues.
  • Program 448: 25 April 2016We head to NSW, where we hear from Krystel Keller, newly appointed Executive Officer of Blind Citizens NSW about an upcoming forum to be conducted between members of BCNSW and BCA. We’ve been mentioning it for some weeks on the program, so here’s your chance to find out exactly what it’s all about, and why you should attend. Finally is a brief reminder from BCA CEO, Leah van Poppel.
  • Program 447: 18 April 2016We continue our discussion with Lee Kumutat, a woman who is blind and living as a journalist in the UK. Hear how she got started in radio, and if she’s faced any discrimination in her chosen career.
  • Program 446: 11 April 2016We hear from Lee Kumutat, an Australian who is currently living in the UK, working as a radio producer, presenter and journalist. Hear about her move, and some of the differences between the UK and Australia, particularly in regard to transport, and the difference in attitudes to people who are blind.
  • Program 445: 4 April 2016Ahead of some BCA updates, we look at how to subscribe and receive the New Horizons podcast from the Vision Australia library. As well, there are some exciting updates to Vision Australia’s Connect app, which allows IOS and Android users to read and/or download books.
  • Program 444: 28 March 2016We talk all things Braille. We hear from Jordie Howell, a member of the executive committee of the Australian Braille Authority, about the Onkyo Essay Competition, the forthcoming Round Table on Information Access for people with a Print Disability, and lots more. Finally, Vaughn updates us on latest happenings from BCA including an important survey regarding communications, as well as some teleconferences for people interested in Aged Care reform.
  • Program 443: 21 March 2016We ask what is “Flash Sonar”? How can blind people be given a greater glimpse of their environment and navigate more effectively? We speak with Daniel Kish of World Access for the blind, an Orientation and Mobility specialist from the US who is currently visiting Australia conducting seminars and training for O and M instructors and people who are blind.
  • Program 442: 14 March 2016We hear from David Blyth, inaugural president of Blind Citizens Australia, in response to last week’s interview with Ivan Molloy. We also hear from Helen Freris of Melbourne, vice president of BCA’s National Women’s Branch, about moves to improve communication for women across Australia.
  • Program 441: 7 March 2016We are privileged to hear from Ivan Molloy about the Overseas Service special interest branch of Blind Citizens Australia. Ivan tells us about the inception of this branch and about some of the amazing projects in which he has been involved. We reflect on the sad news that this branch will be winding up very soon, and hear why.
  • Program 440: 29 February 2016Branches, aged care issues and a concert are the topic this week. We hear from Emma Bennison, Blind Citizens Australia president about these issues. She also tells us how the job has affected her, and what she hopes for the future.
  • Program 439: 22 February 2016We talk to the winner of the competition for the new theme for New Horizons, Steve Richardson, who is no stranger to Blind Citizens Australia. He presents our national audio magazine SoundAbout, and has been involved with RPH broadcasting for over 20 years. At the end of the program, you can hear the complete song, which has been entirely written, recorded and produced by blind and vision impaired people. If you would like your own copy, it will soon be available from iTunes and other online platforms, all proceeds going to BCA.
  • Program 438: 15 February 2016We conclude our My Aged Care feature, with Karen Knight, who tells us how the aged care reforms impact on a service provider. She also gives us further information about how people over 65 may find out more, and get their needs met. There is an important announcement about a media statement at the end of the program.
  • Program 437: 8 February 2016We continue our look at the My Aged Care program. We hear from two BCA members, Pearl and Peter Sumner of Victoria, who tell us how they got involved, and exactly what the MAC program means to them.
  • Program 436: 1 February 2016We start a very interesting series on the My Aged Care scheme. Lynne Davis, who holds the portfolio for the NDIS and My Aged Care programs on the BCA board, gives us a broad overview of the scheme, and what it means to people over 65. In the coming weeks we will be talking to some participants about their experiences, likes and dislikes.
  • Program 435: 25 January 2016Vaughn Bennison visits the Blind Citizens Australia office in Melbourne, where he speaks with CEO, Leah van Poppel. She tells us how she’s enjoying the job, and covers issues such as funding, aged care and others. Vaughn also tells us of a new e-mail address for New Horizons feedback.
  • Program 434: 18 January 2016We hear from Jenny Dawson about parenting, from the Women’s Branch session at the 2015 Blind Citizens Australia National Convention.
  • Program 433: 11 January 2016We continue our theme of wayfinding, with information from the 2015 Blind Citizens Australia National Convention. We hear from Amy Barrett-Lennard, an orientation and Mobility specialist with Visability, and Bashir Ibrahim from Guide Dogs QLD.
  • Program 432: 4 January 2016Vaughn Bennison speaks with Jane Bryce of Visionary Access Consulting about the new Australian Wayfinding Standard.


Blindness no Barrier:  a memoir of David Blyth AO

Blindness no Barrier is a series of nine interviews (of about one hour each) creating a memoir covering the remarkable life of the prominent disability activist, David Blyth.

The interviews are conducted by John Coleman and edited by Robert Love. The music is by the very talented Geoff Irvin.

The memoir covers significant aspects of David’s childhood leading up to the accident which caused his blindness, his lengthy and difficult rehabilitation and then the rest of his childhood adjusting to and coming to terms with his new life as a person who is blind. The memoir goes on to cover the major parts of David’s life in respect of his professional career and his family life as a married man with three children. The memoir’s particular focus is on David’s activities as a human rights activist for the rights and well-being of people who are blind or vision impaired. This covers his pivotal role in the establishment and development of Blind Citizens Australia, the establishment of the World Blind Union and his period as a  Regional President and then President of the World Blind Union.