August 2017 edition of Soundabout now available

There are several ways to access the August 2017 edition of SoundAbout:

  • You can listen or download using the audio player above
  • Find it on our audio page
  • or, the links below will also work. The first is with the word “listen” for immediate listening. The other is with the word “download” for placing on a device for listening at a later date

Please note; Soundabout is also a podcast which you can subscribe to. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • If you are a Vision Australia library client, make enquiries with them, call 1300 847 466
  • Using your podcatcher use the URL to manually search

Contents of this edition include:

  • Steve Richardson speaks with BCA President, John Simpson for an update
  • Glen Morrow speaks with Executive Officer, Emma Bennison for an update
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with new BCA Policy Officer, Katrina Taylor
  • Marian Jones speaks with Women’s Branch Vice President, Helen Freris for an update
  • Peter Greco speaks with Sam Taylor of Pacific Vision about the Polaris Note Taker
  • Glen Morrow speaks with Blake Ison, Humanware Products Specialist
  • Peter Greco speaks with David Diepel, of Demand Films about an Audio Description app for your mobile phone
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Nick Gleeson about his new book Many Ways of Seeing
  • Branch and office contact details

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