BCA SoundAbout for February is Now Available!

Dear Member

The February 2017 edition of Soundabout is now available.

You can use the audio player above to listen or download the audio.

Please note that Soundabout is also a podcast which you can subscribe to. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • If you are a Vision Australia library client, make enquiries with them, call 1300 847 466, or
  • Using your podcatcher use the URL http://wordpress.bca.org.au/feed/ to manually search

Contents of this edition include:

  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with John Simpson for an update on BCA
  • Marian Jones speaks with Joyce Jones for an update on the Women’s Branch
  • Peter Greco speaks with Jennifer Grimwade, Australian Blindness Forum about the proposal to transition the Mobility Allowance to the NDIS
  • Marian Jones speaks with Marie Shang for an update on the Sydney Branch
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Andrew Furlong of Vision Australia about the Orbit Reader
  • Marian Jones speaks with Bev Larsson about the book she has written about her guide dog
  • Peter Greco speaks with Phia Damsma about an I-product app for children
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Dr Scott Hollier about his autobiography
  • Diary Dates and contact details


Samantha Marsh
Information and Administration Officer